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CottageMed - an EMR which you can see, read about, and run today without any mystery, nothing is left hidden, and it is all free.

  • FREE with your donations keeping our software competitive
  • Open Source license
  • Compatible with Mac. PC, and Linux (via older FM v.6 or web browser) all on the same network
  • Worldwide Distribution and Support
  • Quick Training by our team - proven 1 hour for office staff and 2 hours for doctors and nurses
  • Easily customized, reprogrammed and changed by users with no programming experience
  • Patient Registration with 2 quick and simple screens
  • Basic Accounting functions built in
  • Patient Tracking is quick, easy, and flexible
  • Full and Flexible Access to all data fields
  • Strong and Powerful report generation
  • Powerful Search functions on any and all fields
  • Integrates with other applications of your choice
  • ASP option
  • Wireless and PDA support
  • All Hardware supported from 1997 to 2004 using Filemaker 5/6; hardware from 2004 to present runs better with FM 7-12+
  • Prescription Writing is fully automated with one click
  • Epidemiology data mining extensively supported
  • Scalable to many separate offices and 120+ simultaneous users
  • Flexible note writing - you can enter information any way you want and need
  • Templates can be created in minutes
  • Handwritten notes supported
  • Dictation of notes directly into chart with DragonĀ© Naturally Speaking
  • Clinical Photographs placed in each note when needed
  • Video, Radiology, and Echocardiography studies in common formats can be stored and viewed directly in CottageMed with QuickTime translators included

Full user manuals and all documentation is at www.Filemaker.com...

CottageMed - an EMR with no mysteries nor marketing mumbo jumbo. With CottageMed you can see, read about, and run it today without any mystery, nothing is left hidden, and it is all free.