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Creating Community

Free Health Care

Free and affordable health care in collaboration with Trailside Health.

Free Medical Software

Free open source medical record software provides more affordable care more efficiently to more people in need.

Youth Outreach

Entertaining and engaging educational programs for youth of all ages on any topic. A physician healer's combination of frank honesty, enthusiasm, and shameless clowning come a long way in helping young people grow into more knowledgeable, compasionate and mature individuals.

Elder Outreach

Volunteers have worked hard to knit blankets and collect other needs for our elderly, poor and homebound patients to enjoy over a cup of tea and cookies. Home visits continue our outreach to more vulnerable neighbors during cold New England winters. At times neighbors donate a gift in turn, and the community circle grows.

Pied Piper

Our dramatically inclined members have taken to random walks around hospital, town, and homes singing and joking to lift smiles and spirits. We enjoy the unexpected and make music together. We have shared with patients with mental illness, elders in nursing homes, young children with developmental delays, local outdoor festivals and perhaps too many unsuspecting neighbors on street corners.

Liberty BoatsWater Ways

“Why, my young friend, it’s the only thing! Why, there’s nothing…simply nothing, quite so much worth doing, as messing about in boats. Simply messing…about in boats.”

–Kenneth Grahame, Wind in the Willows

And then there's the water that calls to all of us - soothing, hypnotic, musical and magical water and the many creatures living and playing on it. Boating offers up so many teaching moments in nature, history, art, science, craftsmanship, teamwork and responsibility... with a healthy dash of romance and adventure thrown in.

Twenty years of emulating Pete Seeger's Clearwater vision on a much, much smaller scale of a butterfly's wing. We share boat learning opportunities with all ages and offer training in all aspects of boat rowing, sailing, seamanship, navigation, building and repair.

Wherever you catch us on Penobscot Bay, Boston Harbor, the Chesapeake and elsewhere come on aboard!