duromineweightloss.com About Our Practice - Cottage Med/Caring in Community

About Our Practice

Welcome to an old time doctor's office and modern medical science

                           ...where caring is NOT a business

We welcome ALL patients...

  • Uninsured and self-employed individuals
  • Infants and children of all ages
  • Adolescents, adults and all ages
  • Women with pregnancy and prenatal needs
  • Those wrestling with mental health or addiction
  • Homebound individuals

We encourage health not illness with...

  • Free Clinic
  • House calls
  • Office hours
  • Surgery and specialty care
  • Substance abuse & Suboxone counselling
  • 24-hour coverage by experienced physicians
  • Affordable care for anyone without regard to insurance
  • Barter and donations gladly accepted


  • We want to help you
  • Patient empowerment, mutual honesty and respect
  • Always straight talk and honest answers
  • The fairest most affordable healthcare in Franklin County
  • The latest most up-to-date University medicine with
  • The Low-tech personal care you really need
  • Wholistic & complementary medicine where it works

Office policies...

  • Limit profit to preserve ideals - we are a not-for-profit health center
  • We do our honest best to help you to help yourself
  • Share your disappointment and frustration so we can improve our service
  • Request refills at your doctor's visit
  • Ask for consults only after we have seen you first
  • Be patient until your phone call is returned as soon as possible
  • Be open minded - because we have studied natural, alternative and spiritual healings we do use Western medicine with wisdom and caution to great effect.

We will support your health however possible, but we cannot live your life for you...

  • Take care of yourself.  Healthy living, loving, diet and exercise are your way to health and happiness.
  • See your doctor regularly so that we - like every little hometown heartfelt operation we so love  - can be here for you when you need us.
  • Your health is a flower in our community garden: you must tend it well for everyone to grow
Understanding the root causes of our problems drives our success managing a dynamic medical practice providing affordable quality care for everyone.