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For an appointment or house call please call:  (413) 625-6240

Urgent problems after hours 

Please call our CVC Paging:  (866) 305-6588


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General Information

We offer an anonymous bulletin board for suggestions in our main shop.

You may also send your ideas, requests, complaints, and dreams to our team care of...

Stefan Topolski, M.D.,  Shelburne Falls, MA   USA

Discussion Groups for CottageMed software

Peace, tolerance, and a sugar topping of hope...

  • Tuba Man - now that's a community and a life well lived.
  • Rufus Jones - we enjoyed his family's hospitality: church mice, straw mattresses, brass beds and all.
  • Scott Nearing - my father visited Scott on his farm to apologize for the ass-backwards ignorance of the U.S. Communist Party.
  • Phil Bolger - a brilliant boat designer for the common man, a libertarian, an iconoclast, a good soul.
  • Call to action - of many sorts.
  • PeaceAbbey - bingo.
  • SimpleLiving - fits with Phil Bolger's simple boating too.
  • Fairness - attempting truth talking to power.
  • PBS - television intended to uplift the polis.
  • WoodenBoat Magazine - still pretty, not yet completely a coffee table rag.