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Q: You are a pacifist even to class struggles?
[Nearing]: I am a pacifist in that I believe that no man has a right to do violence to any other man.
Q: Even in the class struggle?
[Nearing]: Under no circumstances.*

Peace, tolerance, and a sugar topping of hopeā€¦

  • Tuba Man - now that's a community and a life well lived.
  • Rufus Jones - we enjoyed his family's hospitality: church mice, straw mattresses, brass beds and all.
  • Scott Nearing - my father visited Scott on his farm to apologize for the ass-backwards ignorance of the U.S. Communist Party.
  • Phil Bolger - a brilliant boat designer for the common man, a libertarian, an iconoclast, a good soul.
  • Call to action - of many sorts.
  • PeaceAbbey - bingo.
  • SimpleLiving - fits with Phil Bolger's simple boating too.
  • Fairness - attempting truth talking to power.
  • PBS - television intended to uplift the polis.
  • WoodenBoat Magazine - still pretty, not yet completely a coffee table rag.

Technical References

Check out these other great open-source software sites.

  • LinuxMedNews - general open source news
  • Alexander Caldwell's tkfp - a GREAT program, but beginning in 2008 these generous nonprofit EMR software efforts have been swamped by a tidal wave of marketing from swarms of EMR snake oil salesmen smelling a profit...
  • OpenEMR - an EMR worth looking at and trying to install
  • OSCAR - a prominent open source project out of Canada
  • Crisnet - one of many small projects listed on this site
  • VISTA - still not fully open source and the most difficult install around
  • SQL - a great project but too intimidating for normal doctors to install
  • FreeMed YIRC - CottageMed has a much more friendly easy interface
  • Open Healthcare Group - CottageMed is a much easier install
  • FreeMed - was a vibrant early EMR effort
  • AccessGP - like many early open source EMR efforts, this has vanished from the web or been absorbed into other efforts

*"The secessions in [Scott Nearing's] life were progressive repudiations of American canons of moral conduct as well as indications of Nearing's perception of the fragmented, segmented, discontinuous nature of American society. [Scott felt that] only in the isolated private sphere provided by homesteading could a radical resistance and constructive challenge to capitalist culture be nurtured...

In his devotion to conscientious self-reliance, Nearing emerged as a twentieth-century colleague of Emerson and Thoreau."

Saltmarsh, "Scott Nearing: the Making of a Homesteader," 1998.